In Gloriam Dei


JOURNALIST: Herr Hübner, you sometimes entitle your musical work with “In Gloriam Dei”, – “In Honour of the Creator”. Are you a very religious person?

PETER HÜBNER: In my opinion, it is very significant to be a religious person when you do creative work. I don’t believe that somebody can do real creative work without the awareness that he is in immediate service to the Creator, and representing his interests in the world.

It is fashionable in many places in the world nowadays – particularly in modern industrial society – , to present yourself as an atheist. In my opinion, that is inhuman, and leads the following generation into nothingness, in respect of the mind and soul, and in the end, into isolation, also from yourself.

I can’t make it happen, let alone guarantee, that a human being finds his way to God, but in times when modern atheism is constantly expanding – even within the church – I, who in his profession solely draws from the goodwill of the Creator and his nature, must set a sign which opposes the work of modern atheism.

JOURNALIST: Herr Hübner, you have created a wide range of music, which one would normally call “Sacred Music”. Do you want to support religiousness, or lead human beings to religion?

PETER HÜBNER: I am not a regular church-goer, but see myself as a devout Christian.
I believe that religiousness is an innate basic gift of every individual – just like the free will. One person makes more use of it than the other, a third person doesn’t need it at all.

The church is an organisation whose founders aimed to support and promote man in his natural religiousness.

In the church some demand that this should be their main personal interest whilst others concentrate on being active in the name of faith by means of political manipulation. I think that should be everybody’s own business, as he bears his very own responsibility for his actions anyway.

But as far as my field is concerned, music, I don’t see anybody in church at present, who consciously and purposefully occupies himself with investigating the Creator’s laws of harmony, making them audible through music and glorifying this work. Thus, I see myself obliged to do it myself.

Many people tell me that my music strengthens their belief in God, their belief in the beauty and harmony of life which is the basis of the world.
Even intellectual atheists call my music heavenly music.

All this confirms that my activities are right, and so I serve the individual believer or non-believer in his natural unconscious or conscious search for the realms of heaven.

I am glad to belong to those who endeavour to achieve joy in life, happiness in life and harmony in life for the individual, in honour of the Creator – In Gloriam Dei.

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