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Music & Health Medical Judgements
But if we succeed in strengthening health in our society in such a way that all children and juveniles are healthy, then the necessity for the use of harmonical music might possibly come to an end, and there will be more space again for the stress attacks of dissonant music which are interesting in a positive sense – as a kind of positive endurance test for the immune system.

One can say that I follow the health trend of our times, with the general need for individual, social and ecological harmony – whilst my colleagues, who have devoted themselves to dissonant music, follow the very interesting paths of new musical concepts and developments for which I have a lot of sense and which, as an artist, I more strongly share than many of them would dream of.

Well – I come from that direction, and for some time was considered an expert in this field. I don’t condemn this developments, instead I continue to follow them in an artistic sense – whereby afterwards I then have to expose myself very consciously and purposefully to my Medical Resonance Therapy Music® for the purpose of reducing stress.

But personally, I wouldn’t dream of nowadays flooding the public and among it children, juveniles and adults with interesting musicological outpourings of the different aspects of disharmony – in times when human beings for purely medical reasons need just the opposite. So I do indeed have my private life with my musicological research and developments, but at the same time a clear procedure of selection for what I can ask of the public.

I tolerate anybody who has a different opinion on this or is even of the opposite opinion, and I am glad that I am able to afford this tolerance, for the social responsibility for this lies alone in the hands of medical experts and legislation, as well as the parents who can exert their influence on legislation through their elected representatives

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Elektronic Instruments, Organ

label: Dissonance in Excellence
total playing time: 73’56”

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