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The Threefold Perfect Form of the Harmony

The Symbolic Value of the Musical Motif


The Individual Life Path in the Musical Form

The Inner Rules for the Unfoldment of the Motif


The Comprehensive Source of Power
in Music

The Great Soul of the Composition

The musical motif represents an individual and also represents a specific predominant quality. When the motif unfolds towards the melody, that one specific individual trait of character unfolds into the multiplicity of many traits – first into closely related qualities, then into less related, and eventually into even opposing qualities.

This individual unfoldment of the qualities of the character, which according to their nature fill the spatial dimension of music, takes place in time, and this expansion in time we call "the life-path" of the individual, and it is represented in music by the development of the melody.

As if guided by the potential of the clan, and embedded into the laws of the clan, the motif unfolds into the melody under the auspices of the sequence, the eldest member of the clan.

The sequence-technique here represents the inner rules according to which the clan lives.

The power of the clan, i.e. the sequence, in turn is held together by the harmony which represents the comprehensive source of power for the clan. And the rules of the clan, as reflected in the harmony-technique, are the original basis from which the sequence-technique, too, derives its laws.

By means of the harmony-technique, the applied harmony- technique, the sequence, the sequencce-technique, the applied sequence-technique, to the motif, the motif-technique, and the applied motif-technique, the harmony – as the great soul of the composition in the subjective sphere of music – determines from within the entire musical process, including the outer world of the musical sound-space, the objective sphere of music.
The harmony here presents itself in its threefold perfect form: In the all-uniting form of harmony itself: in the form of the inner beauty of music;
then, through the harmony-technique it manifests in the form of its inner power – expressed in the natural, motherly rule of the sequence –
and finally, through the applied harmony-technique, it unfolds in the form of the creative multiplicity of motifs.







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The Beginnings of Musical History

"New Sound" Composers of the 20th Century and the Range of Intervals

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Musical Insight
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Musical Relationships

The Musical Path
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The Counterpoint

The Threefold Perfect
Form of the Harmony

Relations in Music



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