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Conclusions from the Ancient Records


Testimonies of the Integrated Power over the Organ of Speech

The Sword of Pure Knowledge


The Sword of Musical Knowledge

The Inner Fundamentals of Life of Our Ancestors



The Domain of the Inner Laws of Speech

Knowledge of the Symbolism of Our Ancestors

We refer to their knowledge and mastery of the runes – those encoded symbols: silent, impressive witnesses of their integrated mastery over the organ of speech.

With the sword of pure knowledge our ancestors once ruled over speech and over the mechanics of forming speech in an almost magical way. And with the sword of pure knowledge our generation will succeed in freeing our common day-to-day language from the scars and the dross of time.

As the knower of the truth of life, as the knower of his own inner and outer reality, man is prepared to boldly use this sword of knowledge with a fully functioning understanding and a heart fit for life.

Thus, our forefathers have attributed the highest value to the inner fundamentals of life, and self-discipline based on one's own self-knowledge was the natural basis for structuring their day-to-day life.

Just as the wind moves the clouds across the sky, sometimes from east to west, sometimes from west to east, or sometimes from north to south, the language of our ancestors, along with the destiny of mankind has experienced great fluctuations in the tides of time and of peoples.
But despite the decay of human sensitivity towards the common language, people were still not able to touch the inner logic of speech.

So, at least the inner laws of the language of our ancestors have been preserved for us to the present day. From the understanding of these laws of the formation of language, the knowledge of the symbolism of our ancestors arises once again.







The Superiority of Music over the Language of Today

Fundamental Research

The Organ of Speech

The Smithy of Thought

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The Language of Music

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Conclusions from the
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