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The Natural Seat of the Musical Creator
Educational Music – R&D                                continued 11

Coordination of two Opposing Forces



The Origin of the Decision-Making Faculty

The Creative Function of the Self-Awareness




The Perfect Sound Structure


The Gift from the True Musical Creator

Harmony between Musical Unity and Diversity

Stability of the Creative Process

Stability of the Musical Artist

Our inner faculty of decision-making, the coordinating power of our intellect, is the mid junction point of our intellect with our self. The two forces of discrimination, our feeling and our understanding, are the side junction points of our intellect with our self. The intellectual faculty of decision-making therefore lies between the feeling faculty of discernment and the understanding faculty of discernment.

However, the decision-making faculty is not located between the self and the two faculties of discernment; rather all three are directly connected to the self and emanate from the self.

Stimulation and control of these three components of the intellect always takes place directly through our self-awareness.

The decision-making faculty of the intellect, its coordinating force, supervises the interplay of the faculties of feeling and understanding during the creative process and regulates the warming-up and the cooling-down of our thoughts. Our decision-making faculty is therefore responsible for the continuous flow of our thinking, for the harmonious merging of our musical thought structures into each other.

In this way, our self-awareness, in its process of complete inner awakening, delivers to our mind through our feeling the universal unity-creating and unity-sustaining basic vibration, and through our understanding the universal diversity-creating and diversity-sustaining basic vibration, thus enlivening our mind to a perfect sound-structure.

This all-embracing vibration with its twofold effect is a gift from the self through its inherent creative power to the mind, giving it that manifold unity which music requires to express the reality of life in multiple form.

By mediating between our feeling and our understanding the coordinating faculty of our intellect maintains the harmony between musical unity and musical diversity – thus nourishing that world of enlivened silence on the level of our mind.

The coordination between the forces of feeling and of understanding gives stability to the feeling and understanding and brings about their full efficiency.

As a man can walk safely only on two legs, likewise, the musical artist has true stability in his creative unfoldment, when raising a composition from the depth of his stimulated fantasy, only when he utilizes his feeling and his understanding in an integrated manner.