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Safeguarding the Individual Path of Life
Educational Music – R&D                                continued 38

Mastering the Inner-Human Fight






The Youthful Man on the Path of Knowledge

Musical Help on the Individual Path of Life



The Secret, Intimate Musical Dealing with Truth

The Personal Dialogue with the Great Classical Composers



The Fulfilment of the Musical Task

The Inner Creative Impulse of the Musical Meaning

The cognizant man needs confirmation, by the great men of the world, of his experiences, of his inner insights, of his cognitions. This secures the course of his individual unfoldment. His insights are formed by his emotional, rational and very personal considerations, and culminate in the individual understanding of his own life situation – his personal life – his everything – his world.

If a man does not gain a friend who genuinely understands and confirms him, who through his own experience understands the whole diversity of his everyday inner conflicts and points out realistic solutions, then, apart from great historical exceptions, the life-path of this seeker is doomed to fail particularly at a time when the generations have grown apart.

Here lies the true task of the musical creator. Here he establishes individual friendship. Here he wins the youthful man in a moment when he discovers truths and needs confirmation of his knowledge.

Here the musical creator accompanies the young man out of the world of material boundaries, away from routine work and the ignorance of the masses, to a world of higher knowledge. To this purpose, he promotes the young man's personal unfoldment – his independent progress on his individual path of life to a more comprehensive and joyful world, structured by himself, within himself.

Music, and the intimate dealing with the musical truth, is conveyed on a completely personal level, in all silence and seclusion – without any spectator from the masses, because even one's neighbour is a stranger if he is unable to communicate on the finer levels of higher knowledge.

The listener can be inspired very personally by the conversation with the great classical composers due to its flow of true and living knowledge. Therefore, everyone desires the perfect realization of the music of our great musical poets, and to fulfil this very desire is the responsibility of the interpreting musician.

Therefore the great musical creators expect the performing musician to actively and directly take responsibility for the inner welfare of man.

The powerful pursuit of the fulfilment of his individual life is the world proper of man; and the classical composer is his personal friend who can sensitively encourage his individual pursuit with the help of competent musicians and who can incessantly inspire him to greater happiness with his art.

Man's true world is his creative will to form his environment, and this inner impulse makes his individual life-path meaningful.