Prof. Dr. P. J. Rosch
Prof. Dr. G. Hildebrandt
Prof. Dr. I. Prigogine
Vladimir Ashkenazy
Prof. Dr. R. Rosenman
Prof. Dr. J. Lynch
Prof. Dr. R. Haase
Prof. Dr. H. Shmueli
Prof. Dr. Rothenberg
Prof. Dr. Schadewaldt
Prof. B. A. Zimmermann
Prof. Dr. H. Eimert
Noam Sheriff
Hans Vonk
Jesus Lopez Cobos
Herbert von Karajan
Zubin Metha
Mstislav Rostropovich
Prof. Dr. H. Koeditz
Prof. Dr. A. Reznikov
Prof. Dr. Gerassimowitsch
Prof. Dr. I. Gerhard
Prof. Dr. Luban-Plozza
Willem Duys
Prof. Dr. Schachinger
Prof. Dr. K. Taubert
Prof. Dr. W. Dutz
Prof. Dr. Heuser
Prof. Dr. R. Nilius
Prof. Dr. Canzler
Prof. Dr. Feuerstein
Dr. L. Dossey
Shalom Ronly-Rikils
Stanley Sperber
Prof. R. Abdullin
Dr. W. Sidorenko
Dr. I. Lazaroff
Dr. H. Schmidt
Dr. D. Griebner
Dr. R. Matejka
Dr. L. Dritz
Dr. R. Legnani

Peter Hübner
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M E D I C A L   R E S O N A N C E  T H E R A P Y   M U S I C®     a product of the Micro Music Laboratories®
leading medicine into the future

application of the natural harmony laws of the microcosm of music in favour of health


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Prof. Dr. med.
Gunther Hildebrandt

The world-famous rhythmologist
wrote in a letter to the composer:

Prof. Dr. med.
G. Hildebrandt

is one of the fathers of chronomedicine and is recognised world-wide as a leading medical authority in the field of

      . chronobiology
      . balneology
      . medical climatotherapy
      . physical medicine

He founded the European Society for Chronobiology and, for many years, was vicepresident of the International Society for Chronobiology.
He also founded the L.R. Grote Institute for Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation in Bad Berleburg and the Institute for Research into Remedial Medicine in Bad Wildungen.
At the University of Marburg - until becoming emeritus professor - he was director of the Institute for Occupational Physiology and Rehabilitation Research.


"I am very interested in the inter- national research project presented by you for the development and utilization of the microcosm of music for health.
As discussed at our meeting, I would perform a research series as part of this project, in which the influence of music on the rhythmical system of man is being examined.
The study will find out if and to which extent a selected compositoric application of the harmony laws of the microcosm of music can normalize the disturbed rhythmic functions and their coordination in man.
While the musicological and compo-sitoric part of this research series should be developed by you,
I would formulate together with my assistant Dr. R. Moog, the medical side of the studies and supervise their performance.

Included find the medical research protocol for preliminary basic studies regarding sleep disturbances, a problem that concerns many citizens of our country, particularly those having to work in shifts."

about the founder of micro music laboratories
& the medical resonance therapy music®
about the founder of micro music laboratories
& the medical resonance therapy music®