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Peter Hübner
Music Creations

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Hans Vonk

Music Director

Praised for his stylistic authority and mastery of orchestral color, Hans Vonk has garnered wide critical acclaim for his work with the leading American and European orchestras.
A conductor of diversity and experience, Maestro Vonk commands a broad repertoire, ranging from the core masterworks to premieres by American and European composers.
His extensive experience in opera and ballet make Hans Vonk a consummate conductor. From 1980 till 1991 Chief Conductor, Residentie Orchestra of the Hague.
From 1985 through the end of the 1990 Chief Conductor of the Dresden Staatskapelle, Europe's oldest orchestra, following in a distinguished lineage which includes Heinrich Schutz, Richard Wagner, Karl Bohm, Rudolf Kempe, and Fritz Busch. Maestro Vonk was the first conductor since Bohm to head simultaneously both the celebrated Staatskapelle and the Dresden State Opera.
From 1990 till 1997 Chief Conductor of the Cologne Radio Symphony Orchestra (WDR).
Since 1996 Music Director and Conductor of the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra.
Guest conducting: Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, the Oslo Philharmonic, the London Symphony Orchestra, the London Philharmonic, the BBC Symphony Orchestra, L'Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France, and the English Chamber Orchestra, as well as in Japan and Australia

Hans Vonk

gives his opinion
of Peter Hübner's music:


"I hereby
recommend to you
the creations
of Mr. Hübner
with most urgency."

about the founder of micro music laboratories
& the medical resonance therapy music®
about the founder of micro music laboratories
& the medical resonance therapy music®