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The Musician's Sovereignty over Space and Time





The Enlightening Influence of the Musician


Musical Craftsmanship Beyond Tones


Fundamentals of the Art of Controlling the Instrument



Success or Failure of the Musician





Musical Performance on the Level of Immortal Freedom



The Lively Unity of Space and Time



The Immortality-Giving Nectar of Music

The Potential of the Musician

The art of mastering space and the art of simultaneously mastering time is founded in the genuine friendship of the musician with space and time. Through pure self-awareness the musical idea originates on the level of infinitely condensed and rhythmically organized diversity, and as it naturally unfolds, it brings to light the life-supporting influence of the lively, inner order of the artist himself.

If the musician makes space and time his friends, he can present their coexistence in a perfectly unified form, a form of twofold infinity.

This way of truthfully and realistically describing the natural and perfect relation of his two great friends, space and time, fills the musician with love, and gives him the inner strength to work untiringly to bring light to the areas of even the greatest darkness by joyfully singing the song of his own discovered, innermost essence – the innermost essence of every man.

Here, too, genuine craftsmanship is not based on the field of music, but on universal humanity.

Only the very personal friendship of the musician with the universal forces of space and time enables him to exert his creative life-giving power in his surroundings.

All other technical skills, the playing skill of the instrumentalist, the method of rhythmical variation, and the technical control of the overtone spectrum are based solely on this great imperishable friendship with the powers of infinity. If the musician does not secure himself this neccessary friendship, these two sovereigns drive him into the world of limitations like an enemy, into the world of mental-spiritual narrowness, into the world of problems, and he drags us listeners with himself.

That composer or musician, who attempts to play space and time off against each other through spectral periodicity, and to destroy their innate connection, is like a fool fighting these two great powers of nature.

The natural basis of any meaningful musical activity lies always in the inner friendship of the musician with these mighty, intimately related powers of space and time, and the success of the musician lies in truthfully presenting this immortal relationship.

If the musician succeeds in winning the two great powers of space and time for his intimate friends – by realizing the full value of their alliance on the level of his own personality – ,
he becomes immortal himself and inspires us listeners to immortality. Then space and time are his two mighty patrons in the glorification of the high ideal of true human freedom.

The friendship with space is established through the understanding, and the friendship with time is established through the feeling.

In classical composition space and time are inimately related like great friends.

And thus, during the experience of classical music, time- awareness on the level of the feeling becomes space- awareness; and space-awareness on the level of the understanding becomes time-awareness;
and finally, space and time are known as unity – as the holistic perfect being, which with his miraculous arms, space and time, offers us listeners the immortality-giving nectar of life.







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